Sophocles’ Use of Psychological Terminology: Old and New by Shirley Darcus Sullivan PDF

By Shirley Darcus Sullivan

ISBN-10: 088629343X

ISBN-13: 9780886293437

At as soon as reference textual content and literary foray, this paintings is designed to have interaction either experts and non-specialists. It deals designated dialogue of the Greek textual content in the event you have a data of the language whereas additionally making all readings to be had in translation and transliterated varieties. Sophocles' Use of mental Terminology can be a permanent source for an individual drawn to Athenian tragedy and particularly for these attracted to how the early Greeks seen what we now consider as mental activity.

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450 refers to sufferings being "written (yQd(/)a))" on phrenes. At Eum. " TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY USES At Ph. " In fr. " In both cases phrenes act as a seat of memory. 58 Phrenes can be the source of speech. Someone can "know in phrenes how to speak things suitable" (//. 92) or "speak names in phrenes" (II. 260). Thersites knows "disorderly words in his phrenes" (II. 213). Archilochus can lead a song when his "phrenes are thunderstruck with wine" (120 W). Pindar mentions a phren that "cries out" (Pyth.

Aeschylus has the Chorus say: "reproach struck me ... under my phrenes, under my liver" (Eum. 158). At Tr. 931 Sophocles gives a similarly precise description of phrenes. 12 "Predominantly Intellectual" Most occurrences of phrenes fall into this category. 13 15 l6 PHREN IN THE T R A G E D I E S : ONE Intelligence Aj. 585, 614. In these two passages references are made to Ajax's phren. "^ Tecmessa longs to know what Ajax may be planning within. "16 Ajax is successfully concealing in phren what he thinks and deliberates.

On love in the early Greek poets see my article, "Love's Effects upon Psychic Entities in Early Greek Poetry," Eirene 30 (1994), 23-36. 82. Cf. also H. Yen. 38 and 57. 83. Cf. 6-13. 84. The noun jtoOog occurs at 107, 368, 431, 631, 755, and 1142. The verb JioOea) appears at 103, 196, and 632. On the importance of the recurrence of these words see Kamerbeek, ad 103-11. 85. Cf.

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