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By Robert G. Urban Ph.D., Roman M. Chicz Ph.D. (auth.)

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RFXI-5, hXBP-I, c-fos, NF-Yas a few examples). Presum· ably, the H I histone protein (large blue protein) participates in this process by masking these sites on the inactive, assembled HLA-DRA nucleosome. The feasibility of this mechanism is supported by the position of all of the relevant cis·elements on one face of the nucleosome. (B) In the transcriptionally active HLA-DRA pro· moter, the relevant cis-elements are now occu· pied (note factors bound to each cis-element). The nonhistone protein HMG II Y (small olive spheres) is required for this transition.

Finally, it is important to note that, although the class II promoter cis-acting elements are highly conserved, there are small variations in the nucleotide sequence of elements in the different genes as well as between alleles of a particular gene. These variations have an influence on transcription factor binding, as well as on transcriptional activity of the promoters. Thus, nucleotide variations in factor binding 27 28 MHC Molecules: Expression, Assembly and Function sites may contribute to differential expression of both distinct and allelic class II promoters.

Map of the human MHC. Immunol Today 1991; 12:443-446. 4. Schwiebert LM, Schleimer RP, Ono SJ. The effect of the glucocorticoid dexamethasone on human class II MHC gene expression: evidence for isotype-specificity. Cell Immunol 1995; 165:12-19. 4a. Tanaka K, Yoshioka T, Bierberich et al. The role of the MHC class I antigens in tumor growth and metastasis. Ann Rev Immunol 1988; 6:359-380. 4b. Bottazzo GS, Dean BM, McNally JM et al. In site characterization of autoimmune phenomena and expression of HLA molecules in the pancreas in diabetic insulitis.

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