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See Language and Reality : The Philo­ sophy ofLanguage and the Principles of Symbolism (London : AlIen and Unwin, 45 1939). 58 BIBLIOGRAPHY Brown, Roger, W. , and Eric H. Lenneberg, 1 954 · 1 958 "A Study in Language and Cognition", Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 44. Also in Sol Sa porta, ed. , Psycholinguistics : A Book of Readings (New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961). "Studies in Linguistic Relativity", in Eleanor E. MacCoby et al. ). Burling, Robbins, 1 964 "Cognition and Componential Analysis : God 's Truth or Hocus Pocus 1" American Anthropologist 66.

228-238. Also in Models and Metaphors, (Ithaca, N. : Comell University Press, 1962), p. 255. " American Anthropologist 66 (1964), p. 27. 45 John B. Carroll, Language and Thought (Englewood Cliffs, N. : Prentice­ Hall, 1964), p. 107. 46 Whorf's well known examples collected as a fire insurance investigator might, however, be cited in support of the hypothesis that non-linguistic behavior may be influenced by language. 48 The "name of the situation" ("empty gasoline drums" and "scrap lead") may have influenced the behavior of those near the situation, but; as Longacre49 has argued, the naming of a situation is a function of language use, and not of the structure of the language in question.

The pros and cons of the problem are too numerous to be discussed here. The reader is referred to an entire issue of the American Anthropologist devoted to Transcultural Studies in Cognition. A. K. Romney and R. G. D'Andrade eds. , American Anthropologist 66 (1964). For debate on the validity of componential analysis as a prediction method see especially pages 20-28 and 1 1 6-119. THE HYPOTHESIS FROM HUMBOLDT TO TODAY 39 On the other hand, the evidence from anthropological studies plus the evidence from experiments with color recognition suggest that the semantic categories of a language may sometimes affect cognition.

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