Spyridon Athanasios Koutroufinis's Life and Process. Towards a New Biophilosophy PDF

By Spyridon Athanasios Koutroufinis

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Alfred North Whitehead is arguably the main unique 20th-century thinker of nature and metaphysics. In contemporary a long time a couple of physicists have produced ground-breaking new theories in primary physics stimulated by way of his procedure philosophy. against this, few biologists are even acutely aware that Whitehead’s radical rethinking of the Cartesian assumptions implicit in 19th-century sciences should be suitable to their company. This publication seeks to fill this hole via exploring how Whitehead’s strategy ontology could supply a brand new philosophical origin for the biosciences of the twenty first century. The valuable premise shared through all the volume’s authors is the concept that all residing strategies are irreducible procedures. each one bankruptcy makes a speciality of assumptions implicit in many of the middle options of biology– resembling organism, evolution, details, and teleology – that play the most important explanatory roles within the biosciences, yet as metaphysical strategies fall outdoors its purview. The authors each one determine very important shortcomings implicit in modern organic paradigms and exhibit how an method grounded in a process-oriented metaphysics can keep away from them.

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The essence of an actual entity includes experiencing its own self-creation to a new unity by means of the integration of its internal relations. a. A different conception of causality – self and Umwelt The growing together of the prehensions of a process to a unity of experience cannot be a deterministic procedure. e. in a non-processual, way, that is, by leading it to a predetermined end result. As non-processual factors they would have to be entities existing independently of the inner dynamics of the process which the process has incorporated through its prehensions.

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The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. B. ). The works of Charles Darwin (vol. 21), London: The Pickering masters. Davia, C. (2006). “Life, Catalysis and Excitable Media: A Dynamic Systems Approach to Metabolism and Cognition”. In: Tuszynski, J. ). The Emerging Physics of Consciousness. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 254-292. Deacon, T. (2012). Incomplete Nature. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. —— (2006). “Reciprocal Linkage Between Self-Organizing Processes is Sufficient for Self-reproduction and Evolvability”.

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