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By Jason Carl

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Who may serve Cainites, the dread lords of the lengthy evening? the answer's dazzling, as vampires draw their allies from all echelons of darkish Medieval society. From the common-or-garden cotter at the direction open air the town to the prince regent of the best state, mortals frequently flow in line with the whim in their unseen masters. Come-join the legion of these retained by way of the Childer of Caine-and obtain the advantages that servitude deals. anything is to reside one of the sheep, upon whom the wolves prey.... Liege, Lord and Lackey contains: An in-depth examine the character of servitude, from the issues of view of Cainites and their human minions personality construction structures and counsel for enjoying a better half of the undead The Numina Hedge Magic and the way it applies to the darkish Medieval global.

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She continued to pace, casting anxious glances at the A particularly large estate or important castle might actually boast two stewards, one for the estate and one for the household. The estate seneschal's duties are largely as described above, and the household seneschal oversees the smooth operation of the lord's personal residence. One of the household steward's most important tasks is the supervision of the household accounts, which contain notes on the daily expenditures of "The tongue of the infidel Arabians does not yield its secrets iron-bound door that stood between them and the rest of the collegium.

Individual monks and nuns make useful messengers and spies, and can often gain access, under the guise of Church business, to those places off-limits to most of humanity. A player character priest may find himself courted (or manipulated) by several powerful, rival vampires who seek to control his parish. At the priest's command are a variety of church attendants and perhaps even a knight or two. The nun retainer is largely on her own, lacking additional support within the ecclesiastical community, but may sometimes be more effective despite this situation, rather than less effective because of it.

His pleas, however, stirred something deep and hidden within her, and she granted his request for but a few moments of her time. What matter a few moments to one who is eternal? Evenings such as this were the result. Her revels were now the toast of the city, gaining for her entry into the upper echelons of polite society. Evennow, the bishop stood within her hall, his ear softened by the minstrel's lovely performance and ready to receive the request carried by her own dulcet tones. Sophisticated Cainites may cull servants from the small group of talented individuals whose skills include entertaining their fellow mortals.

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