W. H. Wilson, James L. Van Etten, M. J. Allen (auth.), James's Lesser Known Large dsDNA Viruses PDF

By W. H. Wilson, James L. Van Etten, M. J. Allen (auth.), James L. Van Etten (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540686177

ISBN-13: 9783540686170

ISBN-10: 3540686185

ISBN-13: 9783540686187

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These four enzymes form a complete polyamine biosynthetic pathway that allows the formation of homospermidine through the precursors arginine, agmatine, N-carbamoylputrescine and putrescine (Baumann et al. 2007). However, the relevance of this pathway to virus replication is unclear. Although polyamines are present in large amounts in the capsids of some viruses, that is not true for PBCV-1 (Kaiser et al. 1999). As more phycodnavirus sequences become available, we predict that the number of unique and interesting gene pathways found in these viruses will increase.

Environ Microbiol 9:971–982 Baldauf SL (2003) The deep roots of eukaryotes. Science 300:1703–1706 Bamford DH, Burnett RM, Stuart DI (2002) Evolution of viral structure. Theor Popul Biol 61:461–470 Baumann S, Sander A, Gurnon JR, Yanai-Balser GM, Van Etten JL, Piotrowski M (2007) Chlorella viruses contain genes encoding a complete polyamine biosynthetic pathway. Virology 360:209–217 The Phycodnaviridae: The Story of How Tiny Giants Rule the World 33 Benson SD, Bamford JK, Bamford DH, Burnett RM (2004) Does common architecture reveal a viral lineage spanning all three domains of life?

2004). Each of the six sequenced chloroviruses contains genes that encode unique proteins. For example, ATCV-1 is unique among these viruses in containing genes encoding dTDP-D-glucose 4,6 dehydratase, ribonucleotide-triphosphate reductase, and mucin-desulphatating sulphatase; MT325 encodes a functional aquaglyceroporin (Gazzarrini et al. 2006), FR483 an alkyl sulphatase and a functional potassium ion transporter (M. , unpublished data); NY-2A an ubiquitin; AR158 a calcium transporting ATPase; and a functional Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (M.

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Lesser Known Large dsDNA Viruses by W. H. Wilson, James L. Van Etten, M. J. Allen (auth.), James L. Van Etten (eds.)

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