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Una de las publicaciones más exitosas del Centro Gumilla, en l. a. pluma del teólogo Pedro Trigo sj, sobre los angeles que apunta: "La fuente primordial de lo que aquí diré es mi experiencia en barrios de Caracas, mi contacto intermitente con barrios de Maracaibo, Barquisimeto y San Félix y las visitas a compañeras y compañeros de otros barrios de Venezuela y de América Latina y el recorrido con ellos por esos barrios y los encuentros y reuniones en ellos. Otra fuente importante son las reuniones, bastante frecuentes, con personas que trabajan y viven en barrios y los angeles focalización repetida de los diversos tópicos que iré barajando. Las apreciaciones que aquí expongo las he comentado muchas veces y en l. a. discusión se han ido perfilando mejor y, sobre todo, articulando entre sí". Complementamos este estudio con cuatro apéndices que tematizan un aspecto con tanta extensión que interrumpiría el hilo del discurso o tratan de tópicos que ayudan para los angeles comprensión de algún aspecto del barrio y su procesamiento, aunque desbordan el ámbito del barrio.

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This specification of the relations of biology determines its rank in the hierarchy of sciences. From this again we learn the find and degree of perfection of which biology is susceptible; and, more directly, the rational plan of preliminary education which it indicates. If the perfection of a science were to be estimated by the means of its pursuit, biology would evidently excel all others; for we can concentrate upon it the whole of the resources of observation and of reasoning offered by all the others, together with some of high importance appropriate to itself.

There seems no sufficient reason why the use of scientific fictions, so common in the hands or geometers, should not be introduced into biology, if systematically employed, and adopted with sufficient sobriety. In mathematical studies, great advantages have arisen from imagining a series of hypothetical cases, the consideration of which, though artificial, may aid the clearing up of the real subject, or its fundamental elaboration. This art is usually confounded with that of hypotheses; but it is entirely different; inasmuch as in the latter case the solution alone is imaginary; whereas in the former, the problem itself is radically ideal.

Biological science; eminently answers to this test. While its complexity allows little prevision, at present, in regard to its phenomena, it supplies us with a full equivalent, in regard to theological conceptions, in the testimony afforded by the analysis of the conditions of action of living bodies. The natural opposition of this species of investigation to every find of theological and metaphysical conception is particularly remarkable in the case of intellectual and affective phenomena,—the positivism of which is very recent, and which, with the social phenomena that are derived from them, are the last battle-ground, in the popular view between the positive philosophy and the ancient.

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