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In line with the "Hebrew Bible", David rose from humble beginnings as a sheepherder within the hills of Bethlehem to develop into the ruler of the traditional state of Israel and the founding father of an empire that incorporated not just the trendy nation of Israel, yet elements of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan in addition. brave and conniving, pious and vengeful, warrior, poet, fugitive, and king, David is not just probably the most complicated and engaging figures in Hebrew scripture but additionally one of many old world's best-known leaders. "King David" makes use of the considerable writings by way of and in regards to the respected king of Israel to discover his ancient importance in global background and the way his time in energy contributed to modern day events within the heart East.

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Goliath’s slayer, the king had promised his troops, would receive great riches and his entire household would be exempt from all government taxes. Clearly persuaded that he would be furthering God’s cause as well as his own by fighting the Philistine, David resolved to go to the king’s tent and inform him that he would take Goliath up on his challenge. Saul, the Bible reports, was clearly taken aback by the teenager’s brave offer. “You are just a boy,” he gently reminded David, “and he has been a warrior from his youth” (1 Samuel 17:33).

He commanded his servant Doeg to go to the town of Nob and slay every man, woman, and child he encountered, as well as all of the villagers’ cattle and ­ sheep. A Desperate ­Plan In the meantime David, figuring he stood little chance of eluding the posse Saul had surely sent after him, formulated a desperate plan. He would journey westward to the Philistine city of Gath and beg its ruler, King Achish, for refuge from their mutual enemy, the king of Israel. Yet David had somehow failed to take into consideration just how famous he still was in Gath, which was, after all, the hometown of his celebrated Philistine opponent Goliath.

At that moment, Doeg the Edomite came to the king’s rescue and volunteered his services as an executioner. Perhaps because he had not been born into the Hebrew faith, Doeg seemed to have no qualms about spilling a Hebrew priest’s blood. According to the Scriptures, by the end of the day the Edomite had personally slaughtered Ahimelech and 84 of his fellow holy men. Yet Saul’s thirst for revenge had still not been satisfied. He commanded his servant Doeg to go to the town of Nob and slay every man, woman, and child he encountered, as well as all of the villagers’ cattle and ­ sheep.

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