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By Joe Conason

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While fascism involves the US, it is going to be wrapped within the flag, sporting a cross.---Sinclair Lewis, writer of It cannot occur the following, 1935  For the 1st time because the Nixon period, american citizens have cause to doubt the future---or even the presence---of democracy. we are living in a society the place govt conspires with sizeable enterprise and large evangelism; the place ideologues and spiritual zealots assault good judgment and the medical procedure; and the place the ruling celebration  encourages xenophobic nationalism in keeping with irrational, synthetic worry. The get together in energy turns out to hunt a perpetual kingdom of battle to carry directly to strength, and they're prepared to lie, cheat, and scouse borrow to accomplish their ends. The query needs to be requested: Are we headed towards the tip of yankee democracy? Nobel Prize--winning writer Sinclair Lewis depicted authoritarianism American-style in his sardonically titled dystopian novel It cannot occur the following, released in 1935. Now, bestselling political journalist Joe Conason argues that it may well take place here--and a pick out team of super robust right-wing ideologues are riding us ever toward the precipice. during this compelling, impassioned, but rational and fact-based examine the country of the kingdom, Conason exhibits how and why the USA has been wrenched clear of its founding rules and is being dragged towards authoritarianism.  Praise for the books of Joe Conason: "A accomplished, well-researched indictment of a host of nasty those that rather deserve it."---Molly Ivins on mammoth Lies  "When Joe casts his eye at the cadres of the precise, they perpetually emerge battered, with their arguments filleted, their resources of cash uncovered, and their actual reasons laid bare." --Michael Tomasky, former editor, the yank Prospect, at the uncooked Deal "A hundred years from now the first resource at the so-called Clinton scandals will nonetheless be The searching of the President by means of Joe Conason and Gene Lyons."---James Carville at the looking of the President      

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Although critics found his amateur performance engaging, they didn’t care much for the play—but that didn’t matter any more than the mediocre quality of the book. In various productions, It Can’t Happen Here notched 260 weeks on stage, or the equivalent of a five-year theatrical run. For the liberal audience of the thirties, whose patience with charlatans of the extreme right and the Communist left was wearing thin, Lewis cut with a mocking, incredulous edge. A nonideological skeptic, bemused and mildly cynical yet still patriotic and idealistic, he approached politics in much the same spirit as The Daily Show or The Colbert Report decades later.

Stupid as his column was, however, it nevertheless revealed the right-wing appetite for the “luscious” prospect of war. If the president couldn’t actually start bombing, he could start beating the war drums. That would distract the public from corporate scandals, too. Writing in the New York Times on July 20, Frank Rich detected the same imperative: “Wagging the dog no longer cuts it. If the Bush administration wants to distract Americans from watching their 401(k)’s go down the toilet, it will have to unleash the whole kennel,” he predicted.

The name for what is wrong with them —the threat embedded within the Bush administration, the Republican congressional leadership, and the current leaders of the Republican Party—is authoritarianism. The most obvious symptoms can be observed in the regime’s style, which features an almost casual contempt for democratic and lawful norms; an expanding appetite for executive control at the expense of constitutional balances; a reckless impulse to corrupt national institutions with partisan ideology; and an ugly tendency to smear dissent as disloyalty.

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