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Traduzione di Albamaria Ramazzotti Cavalli-Sforza. Con 38 determine e XIV tavv. Nel testo. eightvo pp. 177 broch cop. sick. (in cop.: Graffiti su una paretre della grotta dell'Addaura del monte Pellegrino presso Palermo; foto L. Pizzi).

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Dissent and Philosophy within the center a long time bargains students of Dante's Divine Comedy an imperative realizing of the political, philosophical, and non secular context of the medieval masterwork. First penned in French via Ernest L. Fortin, certainly one of America's top-rated thinkers within the fields of philosophy and theology, Dissidence et philosophie au moyen-%ge brings to gentle the complexity of Dante's concept and paintings, and its relation to the valuable issues of Western civilization.

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Italian version - "In Italia Garibaldi e Dante hanno sempre ragione: di loro non si può parlar mai male; e almeno according to il primo dei due, ciò è passato in proverbio. Neppure noi qui parleremo male di Dante. Non accrediteremo in step withò su di lui pie leggende: ciò è dovuto alla verità e alla storia". Il Dante di Corni, che tiene conto di una eccezionale mole di fonti, scioglie miti consolidati da secoli di tradizione.

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But since those to whom he must impart this knowledge are often less endowed than he is, he cannot do without those gifts of the imagination that make it possible for him to come down to their level and communicate with them in a language they can understand. Moreover he should be distinguished by his conduct and thus disdain bodily pleasures as well as vain honors. All prophets do not possess these qualities to the same degree, but they are all equally necessary, such that one would not take to be a prophet a philosopher who did not join imagination to intelligence or a man endowed with a powerful imagination who is not subject to the guidance of reason.

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