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By John L. Hennessy David A. Patterson

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Document aimed toward spurring study within the technological know-how and expertise groups to counter and reply to terrorist acts equivalent to these skilled on September eleven. textual content contains chapters on nuclear and radiological threats, human and agricultural healthiness platforms, poisonous chemical compounds and explosive fabrics, power structures, transportation platforms, and reaction of individuals to terrorism. Softcover.

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Desktop computers). Each of these elements plays a different role in national life, and each has different specific vulnerabilities. 3 A system or network can become: • Unavailable. That is, using the system or network at all becomes very difficult or impossible. The e-mail does not go through, or the computer simply freezes, or response time becomes intolerably long. • Corrupted. That is, the system or network continues to operate, but under some circumstances of operation, it does not provide accurate results or information when one would normally expect.

1997, Summaries of Three Critical Infrastructure Applications, Computer Science Report No. CS-97-27, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, November 14. 9The fact that these networks are logically separate from those of the Internet and the public switched telecommunications network reduces the risk of penetration considerably. In addition, security consciousness is much higher in financial networks than it is on the Internet. On the other hand, the fact that these networks are much smaller than the Internet suggests that there is less redundancy in them and that the computing platforms are likely to be less diverse compared with those on the Internet, a factor that tends to reduce security characteristics as compared with those of the Internet.

During the first 24 hours, Nimda spread through e-mail, corporate networks, and Web browsers, infecting as many as 150,000 Web server and personal computers (PCs) in the United States. The virus—“admin” spelled backwards—was designed to affect PCs and servers running the Windows operating system and to resend itself every 10 days unless it was deleted. Nimda reproduced itself both via e-mail and over the Web— a user could be victimized by merely browsing a Web site that was infected. Furthermore, the infected machines sent out a steady stream of probes looking for new systems to attack.

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