New PDF release: Infection, Polymorphism and Evolution

By Curtis M. Lively, R. Stephen Howard (auth.), W. D. Hamilton, J. C. Howard (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9400900775

ISBN-13: 9789400900776

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Resulting from a Royal Society dialogue assembly, this quantity offers a brief evaluation of the subject of parasite-host co-evolution. present pondering on evolution in parasites, viruses and different pathogens is discussed.

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Shortly before Yamazaki et at. (1976) first found that the MHC influences mate choice, Zinkernagel & Doherty (1974) discovered that the MHC plays an important role in the immune defence against pathogens. Therefore, MHC genes are resistance genes. Accordingly, the presence of one allele or another correlates with specific parasite susceptibilities of its bearer (review in Tiwari & Terasaki 1985). e. heterozygotes can respond to any pathogens recognized by either parental MHC haplotype (Doherty & Zinkernagel 1975).

63 times less likely to be infected when rare (unrelated treatment) than when common (identical treatment). ) ~ c 10 0 ill HS U genotype Figure 2. Frequency ofBYDv-strain SGV infection in the three local variability treatments shown for site I (solid bars) and sites 2-5 (stippled bars) separately. ed by six maternal half-sibs; U, the same genotype planted ill the centre surrounded with six unrelated individuals. Numbers of plants alive and serologically tested are shown above the bars. 28 S.

E. 1979 Host passage effects with plant viruses. Adv. Virus Res. 25, 169-190. Zimmern, D. 1988 RNA viruses. In RNA genetics, vol. 2 (ed. E. ]. Holland & P. Ahlquist), pp. 211-240. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. Discussion ]. SHYKOFF (Swiss Federal Institute if Technology, Zurich, What does Dr Kelley know about the variability of viruses in his field system? If there are different foci of foundress aphids invading the grass population bringing different viruses, then virus genotypes in the different field plots could be completely different.

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Infection, Polymorphism and Evolution by Curtis M. Lively, R. Stephen Howard (auth.), W. D. Hamilton, J. C. Howard (eds.)

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