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Looking for a Political Philosophy is an research of the 3 democratic `isms' - conservatism, liberalism and socialism - and of the unique nature of the all-devouring ideology - Marxist communism. the writer is worried with the wakeful and subconscious assumptions of the proponents and fans of every ideology, and people in their theoreticians and critics.The following questions are addressed:* by means of what norms are political ideologies characterised and which ones are given precedence?* How does every one ideology view such matters as freedom and reticence, accountability, equality, justice, energy, authority, estate, human nature and happiness?* What are the parts of ideological contiguity and people of mutual influence?* the place do the forces that cut up Western societies turn into visible?* What are the resources of ideological incomprehension in our society?While taking factor with the stances of a few top political theorists, this paintings is an unique contribution to political philosophy in its personal correct. It presents a stimulating problem to scholars in politics, govt, political philosophy, ethics, political and social conception, the background of political proposal, and the heritage of principles.

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He established that such a condition is psychologically intolerable, something all human beings—who operate on the hypothesis of psychological egoism—strive to avoid. He did it by emphasizing the need for a strong central government (or sovereignty). If we want to know whether conservatives advocate psychological egoism—are anti-social— we must begin at the point where Hobbes ended and ask what the conservative attitude to government is. One of the generally accepted features of conservatism is its steadfast adherence to the need for government.

Accord ing to this view, a conservative ideology would be a rationalization of a conservative attitude or reluctance both to face change and to modify the society and political structure to accord with change. The conservative, it has been said, does not approve of social experiment. This is a serious charge in a society that recognizes at least one value as being something more than an attitude—scientific methodology. To a conservative, it is scarcely surprising that many scientists and social scientists are leftists who have supported the ‘social experiment’ of Communism.

With the two terms (conservatism and conservationism) we are forced to think about what it was formerly easy to assume was a general attitude—in order to reconsider it. In search of a political philosophy 22 The problem with this approach is that the ‘attitudinal’ school which assumes that normative positions are attitudes of the ‘pro’ and ‘con’ kind—that the difference between, for instance, liberty and licence is a matter of approval and disapproval of the particular behaviour—is only too pleased to discover that at last we have produced a term that fits their theory: a ‘conservationist’ is one who approves of resistance to change and a ‘conservative’ one who disapproves of change.

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