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By Michael Romkey

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From the day prior to this to 100 years in the past, he lives on the earth and walks between us. He enjoys the best issues in lifestyles, together with beautfiul ladies, well-aged wine, and the best classical composers. He has no guilt -- he has no use of it. Neither stable, nor undesirable, neither angel nor satan, he's a guy, he's a vampire. And this can be his story....

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Degas's model even had green eyes, like hers. It wouldn't be long now, I reminded myself, looking forward to Bayreuth. Mozart could arrive at any time to take me there to be reunited with the woman I love. I smiled to myself. He might even be waiting at my hotel when I returned. I tilted my head to listen. A guard making unscheduled rounds, I thought, straining to hear. No sound came back to me. I reached out fully with all my senses, opening them to detect the nearly imperceptible flow of energy that emanates from all living beings.

Maybe it wasn't so stupid after all. "I'd like you to represent me during probate, of course. I could use Sam's attorneys, but I'd just as soon have my own. " I smiled thinly. To hell with it, I thought. The police could either figure it out or not. It wasn't my problem. And if they guessed the truth, they could arrest LuAnn Swiskowski or shake her down for money and whatever other favors they could get out of her. Divorce, probate, or murder trial—what did it matter to a lawyer, as long as his fee was paid up front?

Still, a more recent memory I could not forget—the murder and mutilation of the woman in the graveyard—kept me from experiencing too much awe for my nameless adversary. A second hallucination flashed through my mind. This time, it was me, not the woman, lying at the vampire's feet in Mont-martre Cemetery. I was forced to watch in mute horror as the fiend bent near with his scalpel—and cut off my ear! With an enormous effort I shook the vision out of my head, grabbing at my ear to reassure myself it was still there.

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I, Vampire: The Confessions of a Vampire - His Life, His Loves, His Strangest Desires ... (Fawcett Gold Medal) by Michael Romkey

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