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This English translation—the first considering the fact that 1909—restores Human, All Too Human to its right important place within the Nietzsche canon. First released in 1878, the booklet marks the philosophical coming of age of Friedrich Nietzsche. In it he rejects the romanticism of his early paintings, motivated by way of Wagner and Schopenhauer, and appears to enlightened cause and technology. The "Free Spirit" enters, untrammeled by means of all permitted conventions, a precursor of Zarathustra. the result's 638 beautiful aphorisms approximately every little thing below and above the sun.

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We understand how we first had to experience the most numerous and contradictory con­ ditions of misery and happiness in our bodies and souls, as adven­ turers and circumnavigators of that inner world which is called "human being," as surveyors of every "higher" and "one above the other" which is likewise cal led "human being,'' penetrating everywhere, almost without fear, scorning nothing, losing noth­ ing, savoring everything, cleaning and virtually straining off ev­ erything of the coincidental-until we finally could say, we free spirits: "Here is a new problem!

This occurred in the Socratic schools: out of a concern for happiness man tied off the veins of scientific investigation-and does so still today. 8 Pneumatic explanation of nature Metaphysics explains nature's . scriptures as if pneumatically, the way the church and its scholars used to explain the Bible. It takes a lot of intelligence to apply to nature the same kind of strict interpretive art that philologists today have created for all books: with the intention simply to un­ derstand what the scripture wants to say, but not to sniff out, or even presume, a double meaning.

This entire tele­ ology is predicated on the ability to speak about man of the last four thousand years as if he were eternal, the natural direction of all things in the world from the beginning. But everything has 3. eternal truth 15 OF FIRST AND LAST THINGS evolved; there are no eternal facts, nor are there any absolute truths. Thus historical philosophizing is necessary henceforth, and the virtue of modesty as well. 3 Esteeming humble truths. It is the sign of a higher culture to esteem more highly the little, humble truths, those discovered by a strict method, rather than the gladdening and dazzling errors that originate in metaphysical and artistic ages and men.

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