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Great. " asked Aphrodite. When they reached her door, Artemis said, "I'll leave the dogs in my room. Unless of course . " She glanced at Aphrodite. "Good idea," Aphrodite said quickly, guessing Artemis was about to ask if her dogs could watch the makeover too. Most students shared a room, and she and Artemis were supposed to have been roommates, but Aphrodite hadn't wanted to share space with three smelly, messy dogs. So Artemis had taken the free room next door. After Artemis dropped off her dogs, the four goddessgirls went into Aphrodite's room.

Uncomfortably, she remembered Athena's question about how often she looked at herself in a mirror. " Hephaestus asked. " "Sure, why not," said Aphrodite. She studied him curiously as he moved toward the table, limping slightly. He was lame in both legs. If she were being honest, he was also not very good-looking. His forehead was too high, his chin too weak, and his eyes too close together. Still, none of the other godboys were paying any attention to her right now. Tonight their eyes were only for Athena.

Eventually, she caught up to him when he stopped by a bush to lift his leg. Folding her arms, she scolded him. "So you just had to come all the way out here to this particular bush to do your business, huh? " 53 She had planned to take the dogs back inside before meeting up with Hippomenes, but she was already halfway to Earth. If she went back to the dorm now, she'd be late for sure. " She hoped Artemis wouldn't wake before they returned and wonder where her hounds had gotten to. The dogs wagged their tails, obviously happy to prolong their adventure.

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