Bernhard Plettner (auth.), Prof. Dr. Wolfram Engels, Prof.'s German Yearbook on Business History 1982 PDF

By Bernhard Plettner (auth.), Prof. Dr. Wolfram Engels, Prof. Dr. Hans Pohl (eds.)

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Die Spezialgebiete Anästhesiologie, Intensivtherapie, Schmerztherapie und Notfallmedizin haben in den letzten Jahren eine rasante Entwicklung und eine dementsprechend rasche Zunahme an neuen Erkenntnissen erfahren. Es ist daher besonders wichtig, dieses Wissen so schnell wie möglich weiterzugeben, um die Qualität in diesen Spezialbereichen der Medizin zu optimieren.

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120. , p. 133, 1st edition. 23 Ibid, 3rd edition, p. 90. The Banking Principles of Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch 27 when cash transactions are complicated in this way ... " 4. Interest on the Loans The credit costs to the borrower are earnings to the lender. Schulze-Delitzsch therefore argued that there should be a balance of interests between the association and its members. The interest rate regarded as appropriate may seem high today, it was initially about 14%. But in an assessment of this policy we must consider the rates charged by "competitors".

Was France not Economically behind Britain in the Nineteenth Century? O'Brien and Keyder are concerned with the development of the "physical product"3 and productivity, as indicators of economic progress and prosperity in Britain and France between 1780 and 1914. They subject to a critical re-examination the old commonplace that during the nineteenth century France increasingly fell behind Britain because she did not pursue the path of social and economic change from an agricultural to an industrial society On the British pattern decisively enough, and was not ambitious or successful enough in applying the technical and organisational achievements of Britain for industrial growth.

On the question of the payment of interest he felt it best to withhold the interest immediately on disbursement of the loan. 24 Ibid, 6th edition, p. 151. 25 Der Wucher auf dem Lande. Berichte und Gutachten pub!. by Verein fUr Socialpolitik, Leipzig 1887. , p. 330. 26 Cf. , 1st edition, p. 136. 27 Ibid, 6th edition, p. 216. 28 Ibid. 28 Gunther Aschhoff s. Dividends and Paid-in Shares The paid-in shares formed the basis of the cooperatives' capital. " The sum required was limited by the amount of the share each member subscribed for.

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German Yearbook on Business History 1982 by Bernhard Plettner (auth.), Prof. Dr. Wolfram Engels, Prof. Dr. Hans Pohl (eds.)

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