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By Donald R. Lowe, Gary R. Byerly

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At least within the Powerline Road and The Heights syncline, transport was evidently from local uplifts in the southwest toward the northeast. Chert-rich conglomerates to the northwest must have been sourced in local uplifts or areas located farther to the north or northwest. Age The age of the Moodies Group has been reviewed by Heubeck and Lowe (1994a, b). 5 Ga to Fig Tree–age felsic volcanic units as young as 3,224 ± 6 Ma (Kröner and Todt, 1988). Kröner et al. (1991) obtained an age of 3,225 ± 3 Ma on felsic volcanic clasts in upper part of the Fig Tree Group and Kamo and Davis (1994) report ages of 3,226 ± 1 Ma and 3,222+10/–4 Ma from an ignimbrite and porphyritic intrusion, respectively, at the top of the Fig Tree.

This volume, Chapter 2). We consider it most likely that this contact is a regional thrust fault. , 1991). , 1996). , 1991). This proximal felsic volcanic sequence may represent the basal part of the Schoongezicht Formation or it may be related to the Auber Villiers Formation, although it lies north of the Inyoka fault. Fewer ages have been reported from rocks of the northern facies of the Fig Tree Group. , 1996). Unfortunately, their interpretation is compromised by stratigraphic and structural complexities and because many rocks contain mixed age populations that include xenocrysts, magmatic zircons, and possibly severely disturbed zircons.

Lowe, D. , and Walsh, M. , 1996, Prolonged magmatism and time constraints for sediment deposition in the early Archean Barberton greenstone belt: evidence from the Upper Onverwacht and Fig Tree Groups: Precambrian Research, v. 78, p. 125–138. , Arndt, N. , and Hofmann, A. , 1987, Composition of the Archean mantle: evidence from Nd isotopes: TERRA Cognita, v. 7, p. 272. Condie, K. , Macke, J. , and Reimer, T. , 1970, Petrology and geochemistry of early Precambrian graywackes from the Fig Tree Group, South Africa: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v.

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