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By V. Loeschcke (auth.), Dr. Volker Loeschcke (eds.)

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Genetic constraints on adaptive evolution will be understood as these genetic facets that hinder or decrease the possibility of typical choice to lead to the main direct ascent of the suggest phenotype to an optimal. The contributions to this quantity emphasize how genetic features within the transmission of characteristics constrain adaptive evolution. ways span from quantitative, inhabitants, ecological to molecular genetics. a lot recognition is dedicated to genetic correlations, to the upkeep of quantitative genetic edition, and to the intimate relation among genetics, ecology, and evolution. This quantity addresses all evolutionary biologists and explains why they need to be cautious of evolutionary innovations that base arguments simply on phenotypic characteristics.

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A hidden trait or mechanism may be invoked in almost any genetic experiment, but in the case of quantitative characters, it seems less legitimate to apply Okkam's razor. Models that predict directional selection are often of interest, and in these cases the analysis described above should lead to fIxation of alleles and contraction of phenotypic variance to some edge of the phenotypic simplex. In these cases we are interested in either the transient behavior of the genetic covariance matrix or in a balance between directional mutation and directional selection.

XIX. Genotype-environment interaction in viability. Genetics 111:43-55 Templeton AR (1981) Mechanisms of speciation - a population genetic approach. Annu Rev Ecol Syst 12:23-48 Templeton AR (1982) Adaptation and the integration of evolutionary forces. In: Milkman R (ed) Perspectives on evolution. Sinauer, Sunderland, Mass, pp 15-31 Turelli M (1984) Heritable genetic variation via mutation-selection balance: Lerch's zeta meets the abdominal bristle. Theor Popul Bioi 25: 138-193 Turelli M (1985) Effects of pleiotropy on predictions concerning mutation selection balance for polygenic traits.

This is perhaps the simplest example of "antagonistic pleiotropy"; if an allele has an effect on more than one component of its transmission, then maximization of mean fttness may fail. The fundamental theorem can also fail due to recombination. Analysis of two locus models have led to a clear delineation of the conditions when selection on a pair of loci will not maximize fttness. In particular, even in the absence of multiplicative epistasis, mean fttness may fail to be maximized (for review, see Karlin 1975).

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