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By Robin Nelson

ISBN-10: 0822563347

ISBN-13: 9780822563341

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B. c. d. e. f. g. Express global strategic goals in the current environment. 18 Identify capabilities that operating units need to achieve these objectives. Specify the forces and support needed to deliver these capabilities. Estimate the direct and indirect costs, and other resource implications, of preparing, deploying, and employing these forces and support. Do likewise for alternative strategies of interest to permit comparison. Iterate to improve strategy in light of implications and core strengths.

This permits profit to be derived from revenue for each and all of the different contributors to corporate income, both planned and actual. Advances in information systems have helped insofar as they make it easier to gather, collate, and allocate costs in a way that relates them to operating-unit objectives and results. Beyond planning and accounting, operating units bear the ultimate responsibility for meeting the expectations for results and costs of corporate strategy. , of financial losses—are commonly associated with operating units.

Would the Federal Emergency Management Agency have performed better during Hurricane Katrina had it still been independent and not been absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security as part of the post-9/11 government reorganization? Technological- and industrial-base requirements may also be at best hazy when goals are embraced and thus may act as brakes on implementation unless and until they respond. These are market-driven factors over which government has limited influence, especially as it relies more and more on applied commercial technology.

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