New PDF release: Formality of the little N-disks operad

By Pascal Lambrechts, Ismar Volic

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The little N -disks operad, B , in addition to its variations, is a vital device in homotopy concept. it truly is outlined by way of configurations of disjoint N -dimensional disks contained in the average unit disk in Rn and it was once in the beginning conceived for detecting and knowing N -fold loop areas. Its many makes use of now stretch throughout numerous disciplines together with topology, algebra, and mathematical physics. during this paper, the authors enhance the main points of Kontsevich's evidence of the formality of little N -disks operad over the sector of actual numbers. extra accurately, you can actually think about the singular chains C * ( B R) on B in addition to the singular homology H * (( B R) on B . those items are operads within the class of chain complexes. The formality then states that there's a zig-zag of quasi-isomorphisms connecting those operads. The formality additionally in a few experience holds within the class of commutative differential graded algebras. The authors also end up a relative model of the formality for the inclusion of the little m-disks operad within the little N -disks operad whilst N 2m 1

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1. For a permutation σ of A, the induced homeomorphism C[σ] : C[A] −→ C[A] is orientation-preserving or orientation-reversing according to the sign (sign(σ))N where sign(σ) = ±1 is the signature of the permutation σ. 9. 2, which asserts that the canonical projection π : C[V = A I] −→ C[A] is a semi-algebraic oriented fiber bundle with fibers of prescribed dimension. These fibers should be thought of as a compactification of the configuration space of |I| points in RN with |A| points removed. In particular, when I is a singleton, the fiber of π is homeomorphic to a closed ball DN with |A| disjoint open balls removed.

One then has a structure map C[q −1 (p)] −→ C[V ]. 4. DECOMPOSITION OF THE BOUNDARY OF C[n] INTO CODIMENSION 0 FACES 31 Since q −1 (p) is either a singleton {v} or the subset W and since C[{v}] is a onepoint space, we can identify the domain of Φq with C[V /W ] × C[W ]. 11) ΦW := Φq : C[V /W ] × C[W ] −→ C[V ] that we will denote by ΦVW when we want to emphasize the set V . In terms of operads, the map ΦW corresponds to a “circle-i” operadic operation ◦i , up to some permutation. Indeed, when V = {1, .

15). 2 from the given linear order on I. 33) S(I, λ) := {(v, w) ∈ I × I : v < w and λ(v) > λ(w)}. 7). 5. 31) above. (i) πλ and πλ are oriented SA bundles with fibers of dimension N · |I|. (ii) ρλ induces a map of degree σ(I, λ) = ±1 between the fibers. 33). 23). 42 5. THE FULTON-MACPHERSON OPERAD Proof. 4 with the orientations given right after it. 3. 2 implies that ρ0 induces a map of degree ±1 between the fibers over C[P ], and when |P | ≤ 1, using that λ is essential, ρ0 is the identity map. Hence in both cases ρλ induces a map of degree ±1 between the C[Ap ].

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