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Nigeria is a made from the 1914 amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorates by way of the British Colonialists. The amalgamation of those protectorates used to be the singular basic reason behind the Nigeria’s political challenge because it didn't consider the implications of bringing jointly peoples with disparate tradition and faith. The secondary reason used to be the shortcoming of political will of Nigeria’s political management to emplace institutional framework, to wit, the political procedure, political management, political constitution and suitable structure, which had promoted peaceable coexistence and tolerance in plural societies elsewhere.

These shortcomings current Nigeria with offerings specifically, maintaining the constitution as bequeathed to Nigeria with all its inner contradictions and endeavouring to make the 1914 amalgamation, paintings via political cum constitutional engineering that might tinker with structural deficiency to accomplish political stability.

The research derives its targets from the previous, which success it considers because the highway map for making sure Nigeria’s balance, progress and development.

The chronicled ethnic and non secular conflicts recommend the absence of a really federal structure that incorporates monetary federalism and secularism. therefore some of the ethnic and spiritual conflicts together with the 3-year civil struggle and the Boko Haram insurgency have been exemplifications of Nigeria’s defective constitutional framework or the politicisation of religion.

The evaluate of extant literature and clash theories exhibits that ethnicity and faith are identity-based and could therefore spawn conflicts whereas Human/Basic wishes; Realist; Frustration-Aggression, Scapegoat and Structural theories are sufficient instruments for explaining ethnic and non secular conflicts.

The paintings considers the concord build as sufficient framework for facing Nigeria’s inner conflicts.

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5 Dealing with the realities of US National Intelligence Council (NIC) and Centre for Strategy and Technology (CSAT) Reports Although Nigeria never engaged in warfare to gain independence, nothing has so heinously threatened its process of nationhood like the violence which has characterized post-independence Nigeria. These skirmishes, unfortunately, have continued unabated, and are feared to likely constitute the potential for outright collapse of Nigeria as indicated in the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) report (2005) entitled “Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s Future” which discussed “other potential developments that might accelerate decline in Africa and reduce even our limited optimism”.

3 Conflict Management According to Miall (2001), conflict management is the art of appropriate interventions to achieve political settlements, particularly by those powerful actors having power and resources to bring pressure on the conflicting parties in order to induce them to settle. Conflict management could also be seen as the positive and constructive handling of differences and divergence (Bloomfield & Reilly, 1998 in Miall 2001). The aim of this conflict resolution method is to reduce the negative and destructive capacity of existing conflict through a number of measures that include conflict limitation, containment and litigation ((2006: 95).

Chiwaren E Abubakar and Alfred E Abubakar and their respective families for their support and prayers. I love you. I cannot but acknowledge with deep appreciation the contributions of every member of my field research team in Nigeria, led by Dr Falaki Akindeji and coordinated by Mr Babatunde Akano. It is a fact that without your untiring efforts with regard to data collection from the field in 28 Federalism in Nigeria spite of the risk involved, particularly in some states in the north-east zone of Nigeria, the study would not have progressed.

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