Experimental Ethics: Toward an Empirical Moral Philosophy - download pdf or read online

By C. Lütge, H. Rusch, M. Uhl, Christoph Luetge

ISBN-10: 1137409797

ISBN-13: 9781137409799

Academic philosophy has skilled an immense upheaval within the final decade. Venturous younger philosophers, psychologists, and economists have started to problem the conventional stance that philosophy is an venture most sensible pursued from the security and calm of an arm-chair. as an alternative, they took the gloves off and taken philosophical inquiries to the experimental laboratory.

This volume sets the degree for the improvement of a constant theoretical framework for one of many branches of Experimental Philosophy: the empirical research of human ethical reasoning, that is, Experimental Ethics.

To this finish it assembles contributions from philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists, economists, and sociologists lively during this full of life and becoming box of analysis. those intricate and substantiated works will let its readers to immerse themselves into Experimental Ethics' historical past, its present subject matters and destiny views, its method, and the feedback it really is topic to.

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D. Batson (1973) ‘“From Jerusalem to Jericho”: A Study of Situational and Dispositional Variables in Helping Behavior’, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 27, 1, pp. 100–108. Descartes, R. (1988) ‘The Passions of the Soul’, Selected Philosophical Writings, trans. by J. Cottingham, R. Stoothoff and D. Murdoch (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). htm. Doris, J. (2002) Lack of Character (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). Dummett, M. (1991) Frege and Other Philosophers (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

1 Ethics on a naturalistic basis The concept of naturalism in ethics has often been regarded with rather skeptical eyes, as the term ‘ethical naturalism’ has been used by G. E. Moore and others for an approach that tries to derive, falsely, norms from facts (the so-called ‘naturalistic fallacy’). This is, however, not at all what we have in mind when talking about naturalism in ethics. First and foremost, we do not employ the term ‘ethical naturalism’ for the conception advocated here, but rather, in a weaker sense, we speak of an ethics on a naturalistic basis.

A couple of thousand years later, we’re still kicking around versions of a question from Euthyphro: Is an action good because the gods love it, or do the gods love it because it’s good? You could 22 Kwame Anthony Appiah say – it has been said – that science is the ‘successful’ part of philosophy, ‘philosophy’ the remains. But there’s a reason that we’re having the same debates: it’s that these are stories about us. The other methods of inquiry, when they came of age, left the family and lighted out on their own.

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