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After a while, Kogurna charged again. Because Ude counterattacked, the two males ended up flying about between shrubs and bushes, exchanging violent blows. When Kogurna launched another attack, his mother, with an infant clasped to her belly, came to assist him. Ude fled as Aki, with the loud calls of other females behind her, chased him off. Koguma did not let up: he attacked Ude 12 times in the span of nine minutes. Every time Ude rose to retaliate, Aki would go after him. Towards the end, Ude became silent and avoided Kogurna.

She points to the existence of long-term special relationships between male and fema le savanna baboons in which the female apparently benefits from male protection and investment in her infant, while the male may benefit from increased mating opportunities with the female. She suggests that males in an initially chimpanzee-like society might have evolved to respect these bonds between even low-ranking males and their mates, if male cooperation became so important that it was worthwhile to tolerate such bonds in return for the male's cooperation.

All cases of infanticide at Gombe have involved males killing the infants of females from other communities. However, the males were not subsequently seen mating with the females, and this behavior is perhaps best interpreted as a manifestation of general hostility to neighbors who are food competitors. At Mahale, however, males have killed several infants of females within their community. All victims were the first- or second-born infants of newly immigrated females, and all were male. In most of these cases the infanticidal male had mated with the female, but these females were part of an w1Usual influx of females to the M-group from the K-group after all but one of the adult males had disappeared.

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