Evolution of Society (Philosophical Transactions of the by T. Clutton-Brock, S. West, F. Ratnieks, R. Foley PDF

By T. Clutton-Brock, S. West, F. Ratnieks, R. Foley

ISBN-10: 0854037802

ISBN-13: 9780854037803

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For example, one of the most virulent strains of bacteria to be reported recently is the strain of MRSA USA300, in which the gene responsible for antibiotic resistance is located on a horizontally transmissible plasmid. Plasmids may represent another avenue for the Trojan horse approach. Given that cheats producing less or no exoproducts can invade infections, why are cheats not more common in natural infections? It is important here to distinguish between within-host and between-host Phil. Trans.

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Evolution of Society (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society series B) by T. Clutton-Brock, S. West, F. Ratnieks, R. Foley

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