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By William R. Stoeger SJ, Nancey Murphy

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A set of essays by means of specialists within the box, exploring how nature works at each point to supply extra advanced and hugely equipped items, platforms, and organisms from a lot less complicated parts, and the way our expanding knowing of this common phenomenon of emergence can lead us to a deeper and richer appreciation of who we're as humans and of our dating to God. a number of chapters introduce the most important philosophical principles approximately reductionism and emergence, whereas others discover the interesting global of emergent phenomena in physics, biology, and the neurosciences. ultimately there are contributions probing the that means and value of those findings for our basic description of the area and ourselves in terms of God, from philosophy and theology. the gathering as a complete will expand the mutual inventive interplay one of the sciences, philosophy, and theology.

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The organismic level of description is decoupled from the atomic level. 22 Alicia Juarrero, Dynamics in Action: Intentional Behavior as a Complex System (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999); parenthetical references in what follows are to this book. For a more complete account of Juarrero’s work and its relations to developments in emergence theory and downward causation, see Nancey Murphy and Warren S. : Philosophical and Neurobiological Perspectives on Moral Responsibility and Free Will (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007).

In addition, Deacon has provided a clear and noncontroversial definition of emergent properties. This represents a remarkable conceptual advance in the space of fifty years. The essays that follow serve to flesh out and exemplify many of the conceptual resources invoked here, and then, finally, to ask what difference this striking development might make to theology. 1. Introduction My aim in this chapter is to give an overview of the recent discussion in the philosophy of mind that will serve as a map in locating issues and options.

11 Farrer recognizes that he is denying deep-seated reductionist assumptions, but maintains that ‘the intransigence of the [reductionistic] physicists . . need not contradict the claims of the 10 Austin Farrer, The Freedom of the Will, The Gifford Lectures, 1957 (London: Adam and Charles Black, 1958), 57; page references are from the 1966 edition. , 58. ’12 In sum: All we are interested to show is the meaningfulness of the suggestion that a high-level pattern of action may do some real work, and not be reducible to the mass-effect of low-level action on the part of minute constituents.

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