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By Hans-Georg Schede

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On one of these trips he meets David Climanis, a Jew who was driven out David Climanis of Latvia by the Russians, and who now lives in Dublin with his Irish wife and earns his living from carving pipes. Mister Climanis gives Henry a case of pipe samples so that he can pass himself off as a simple salesman at the British checkpoints when he travels across the country. He carves Henry’s face onto the head of the last pipe. Henry gives it to Miss O’Shea as a wedding present. In the meantime, Miss O’Shea has decided that she no longer wants to be just the wife of an underground fighter and carries out guerilla warfare with him.

The conduct of each side is necessitated by the other. Although their togetherness, over and beyond the sexual aspect, is illustrated very clearly here, they are nevertheless torn apart again. They lose sight of each other, but this time, the reader can safely assume that their paths have not crossed for the last time. This is done to create an air of expectation and dramatic suspense and thus to encourage the reader to continue on with the story. However, before this happens, the role of Miss O’Shea as Henry’s lover and confidante falls to Annie, a character who was introduced into the story during the early stages of the rebellion – even before Henry had met 16 See p.

That same night, he takes Henry to see Michael Collins, who makes him take the oath of allegiance to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the movement’s secret command. A few days later, Henry commits his first murder; he kills a policeman. Chapter Eight: Preparations in and beyond Dublin (p. 185–204) The murder takes place during an illegal protest rally which is being held to demand prisoner-of-war status for the remaining prisoners of the Easter Rising. Henry beats a secret policeman to death with his father’s wooden leg and remains undiscovered.

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Erläuterungen zu Roddy Doyle: A Star Called Henry (Königs Erläuterungen und Materialien, Band 483) by Hans-Georg Schede

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