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The language of arithmetic has confirmed over centuries of program to be an fundamental device for the expression and research of actual difficulties. the following Kalman explains for an viewers of non-mathematicians the relevance of mathematical types to phenomena starting from inhabitants progress and economics to drugs and the actual sciences.

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Finding a functional equation is just one aspect of the theoretical method. As another sample, here is how the theoretical approach is used to find when the daily oil consumption reaches a level of 70. In Eq. 333 . . 3 on a calculator (the numerical approach) or by multiplying the top and bottom of the fraction by 10 to get 34/3 and converting to a mixed fraction 1131 (the theoretical approach). As is often the case, the numerical approach gives an approximate answer, and the theoretical approach gives an exact answer.

Graphics. The graphical representation of an arithmetic growth model as either a bar graph or a line graph produces a straight line. For the bar graph, it is the tops of the bars that line up, while for a line graph the individual points for the sequence values all fall on a line. The value of the parameter d is reflected in the steepness of the line. If d is positive, the line slopes up to the right, whereas for negative d the line slopes down to the right. The bigger d is, the more steeply the line slopes.

For a moment, look only at the first two data values. 3. One very simple assumption you could make is that the same increase will occur every year. 3 more than in the preceding year. It is easy to see from the data that this pattern is not correct. At least, it does not exactly fit the data. 2, which is not the figure shown in the table. However, we do not demand that the pattern fit the data perfectly. After all, a pattern is a kind of mathematical model, and mathematical models always involve simplification and approximation.

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