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Manufacturing quality. handling. installation and inspection procedures which recognize the unique nature of the product In general. ,rree of understanding between the user and manufacturer. With this basic concept in mind. this section was prepared in order to betler inform the user of tbose factors which many years of experience have shown to be essential for the successful installation and perfonnance of piping systems containing bellows Expansion Joints. Additional detailed infomlation can be found in other sections of these Standards.

Particular attention shall be given to the following items: a. The piping system shall be reviewed to detemline the location and type of Expansion Joint most suitable for the application. The EJMA Standards provide numerous examples to assist tbe user in this effort. The availability of supporting structures for anchoring and guiding of the line, and the direction and magnitude of themlal movements to be absorbed will have a definite bearing on the type and location of the Expansion Joint. TORSIONAL ROTATION OF THE BELLOWS SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

In such a case. equation (4-1) will apply and the value ofx should include the (hennal expansion ofthat p'onion of the center pipe nipple which is located between the anchor base and the bellows in question. Ioint bellows absorbs pure angular rotation by extending uniformly on one side and compressing unifornlly on the other. 5. lateral deflection of an Expansion Joint is, in reality. a special case of angular rotation. The two bellows in a universal type Expansion Joint. or each end oflhe bellows ofa single type Expansion Joint.

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