Effects of Magnetoelastic Interactions in Conductive Plates by Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Marine Mikilyan PDF

By Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Marine Mikilyan

ISBN-10: 3319191616

ISBN-13: 9783319191614

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ISBN-13: 9783319191621

This e-book investigates the soundness and vibrations of conductive, completely conductive and superconductive skinny our bodies in electromagnetic fields. It introduces the most ideas and derives uncomplicated equations and kin describing interconnected mechanical and electromagnetic tactics in deformable electro conductive our bodies put in an exterior inhomogeneous magnetic box and less than the impression of assorted kinds of strength interactions. simple equations and family are addressed within the nonlinear formula and unique emphasis is put on the mechanical interactions of superconducting thin-body plates with magnetic fields.

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In the case when the given magnetic field is perpendicular to the middle plane of the plate (so it should be a constant), the induced electromagnetic field is not included in the equation of transverse vibrations of the plate as shown in Eq. 19). In this case the problem of transverse magnetoelastic vibrations is brought to the solution of Eq. 19) with the usual boundary conditions. 14) can be used, because it does not contain the solution of the external problem. 1 Two-Dimensional Equations of Magnetoelasticity … !

In addition, with respect to the accepted assumptions of the geometrically linear ðeÞ ðeÞ theory, it is assumed that the additions h0 ; e0 ; h0 and e0 are small quantities ðeÞ compared with the main quantities of the nondeformable state (H0 and H0 ). 11) satisfy the following surface conditions in the initial configuration: h i kiðeÞ skiH Nk0 ¼ F i þ TH À THki Nk0 ; h i h i ðeÞ ðeÞ h0 À h0 Á N0 ¼ 0; e0 À e0 Â N0 ¼ 0; h i 4p 0 ðeÞ J ; h 0 À h0 Â N 0 ¼ c S ð1:6:12Þ where on the basis of Eqs. 11) THim ¼ !

1 @f 4pr 1 @w @u c3 @ 2 w hþ À hÀ 1 wþ b1 À b3 þ ; ð2:2:3Þ þ ¼ 1 A1 @a1 c 2hc @t @t A1 @a1 @t 2h   ! 2 Two-Dimensional Equations of Magnetoelasticity of Thin Conducting Shells 45 2. The system of differential equations, obtained from the first two equations of motion of the medium, is: 1 @2u 1 À m @2u 1 þ m @2v k1 þ mk2 @w þ þ þ 2 2 2 2 A1 @a1 A1 @a1 2A2 @a2 2A1 A2 @a1 @a2   2 1Àm r 1 @u 1 @w b3 w þ c 2 þ þ A1 @a1 A2 @a2 2Eh c     1 @u @v d32 @ 1 @v 1 @u F22 À F12 À À þ c @t @t c @t A1 @a1 A2 @a2  !

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