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Going to college and reading books gave him an opportunity to re-think and strengthen the ideas he had formed during his life as a laborer. He found an outlet for his ideas — which were then largely socialist — in the college YMCA. 9 Another influence on the YMCA movement — and thus on Lindeman — came through the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America; this organization encouraged the participation of laymen in church affairs and advocated a practical revival of Christian principles. 10 Further excerpts from Lindeman's College Characters reveal his developing views on various subjects.

15 The beginnings of his advocacy of the principle of cooperation and of his insistence on citizens' participating in public affairs are apparent in a 1912 article. From January 9th to the 12th fifteen hundred Gleaners — the largest gathering of real farmers ever called together—met at South Bend, Indiana, for the purpose of discussing the business of their organization. " The delegates were unanimous in declaring the farmers' cooperation in the marketing of crops. These delegates represented nearly 90,000 farmers of the middle west.

Charlotte K. Demorest, "He Saw the Mountain in the Molehill," 20th Anniversary Yearbook of Adult Education, New York Adult Education Council, 1953, p. 18. 13 46 THE MAN IN HIS TIME group, it cannot be truthfully said that any of us really felt that we knew more than a fraction of the whole which was Porter Lee. Walter Pettit, also a combined administrator-teacher, was the "outgoingest" personality in this group. I still recall bursts of hilarious laughter which emanated from his class-room resounding down the hallways.

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