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4 Kurdish Based on form, Kurdish adpositions can be said to consist of two classes: simple and compound (Edmonds 1955; McCarus 1958; Shwani 2003). Simple adpositions are mono-morphemic words, such as la ‘in/at’, bo ‘to’ and ba ‘by/with’, while compounds consist of a combination of two free morphemes: either two simple prepositions, (17a), or a simple preposition and a substantive (noun, adverb or adjective), (17b), (Edmonds 1955; McCarus 1958; Kurdoev 1984; Fattah 1997; Samvelian 2007). (17) a.

However, this Space can be denoted by on alone. Thus, up seems to have a particle use modifying the Space denoted by on. Contrast the following: (6) a. The boat is on the Tyne River. b. The boat is up the Tyne River. In (6a), the boat is understood to be located at one point on the River Tyne, while, in (6b), it is understood to be at an upper position with reference to the River Tyne. 2. As for next to, the first element next implies closeness and the second element to expresses ‘with respect to’, rather than a goal meaning (Zhang 2002: 52, note 8).

Thus, syntactically the BECOME event involved in Transition (=Accomplishment and Achievement) events is represented as the Res projection. In the second half of the chapter, I focus on two classes of motion verbs. Following Ramchand’s (2008) tripartite VP structure, these are [Proc] verbs and [Proc, Res] verbs. This binary classification will also be used to examine the types of motion verbs in Kurdish and Arabic. An extended projection for motion verbs in these languages is also provided, which will be useful in the later discussion in chapter 5.

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