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By Irene Dorfman

An advent to the realm for non-specialists with an unique method of the mathematical foundation of 1 of the most well liked examine issues in nonlinear technological know-how. offers with particular facets of Hamiltonian concept of structures with finite or countless dimensional section areas. Emphasizes platforms which take place in soliton conception. Outlines present paintings within the Hamiltonian idea of evolution equations.

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Now prove the Jacobi identity. 11) of the Lie derivative, we get K M 5 ] + (cyd) = | d ^ +L ^ ! ) The result of the calculation is equal to zero due to the fact that H is a Hamiltonian operator. Thus the Jacobi identity is proved. 21). This is the end of the proof. Note that we have also obtained some explanation of the fact that the image ofH is closed under the initial bracket in 31. It is a consequence of the fact that if is a morphism of Lie algebras. We conclude this section by presenting coordinate expression of the bracket [ , ] H in the framework of the de Rham complex on a finite-dimensional manifold X.

17), if we put rjl=(p,rj2 = \l/,rj3 = x. 11. 5). Definition Two symplectic operators /, Ji^I-^Q 1 are said to constitute a symplectic pair if their graphs and constitute a pair of Dirac structures. 15). If, however, / and J are noninvertible, the notion of a symplectic pair becomes much less transparent. As we have demonstrated above, to check that two Hamiltonian operators constitute a pair, one must only prove that their sum is also a Hamiltonian operator. No simple criterion like this exists for symplectic operators.

6) holds. We have deduced that any trivial deformation produces a Nijenhuis operator. Notably, the converse is also valid, as the following theorem shows. 1 Let A: 21 -> 91 be a Nijenhuis operator. Then a deformation of 21 can be obtained by putting (o(a,b) = lAa,b] + [a, Ab] - A{a,b]. This deformation is a trivial one. Proof Obviously co is skew-symmetric. 2) is valid. We have to check the Jacobi identity for co. ). 6), we obtain J(ax,a2,az) = HAal9Aa2]9a3] + HAal9a2]9Aa3] + llal9Aa2]9Aa3] -AllAal9a2]9a3]-Allal9Aa2]9a3]-tA[al9a2]9AazJ Due to the validity of the Jacobi identity in 21, the first three terms can be Nijenhuis operators and pairs of EHrac structures omitted, so Again using the Nijenhuis property of A, we obtain -A[[al9a2], Aa{\ H-(cycL).

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