New PDF release: Digital VLSI Design with Verilog: A Textbook from Silicon

By John Williams, Don Thomas

ISBN-10: 1402084455

ISBN-13: 9781402084454

This targeted textbook is established as a step by step process research alongside the traces of a VLSI IC layout project.

In a nominal agenda of 12 weeks, days and approximately 10 hours every week, the total verilog language is gifted, from the fundamentals to every thing invaluable for synthesis of a complete 70,000 transistor, full-duplex serializer - deserializer, together with synthesizable PLLs.

Digital VLSI layout With Verilog is all an engineer wishes for in-depth knowing of the verilog language: Syntax, synthesis semantics, simulation, and attempt. entire strategies for the 27 labs are supplied at the accompanying CD-ROM. For a reader with entry to suitable digital layout instruments, all recommendations may be built, simulated, and synthesized as defined within the book.

A partial record of layout issues contains layout partitioning, hierarchy decomposition, secure coding kinds, back-annotation, wrapper modules, concurrency, race stipulations, assertion-based verification, clock synchronization, and layout for test.

Coverage of particular units comprises easy dialogue and routines on flip-flops, latches, combinational common sense, muxes, counters, shift-registers, decoders, nation machines, stories (including parityВ and ECC), FIFOs, and PLLs. Verilog specify blocks, with their course delays and timing exams, are also covered.

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If (expr) statement1; else if (expr) statement2; else statement3; Use case when alternatives are specific values, are numerous, or are conceptually unprioritized, for example to implement a table lookup or small memory addressing scheme. The verilog case breaks automatically and does not “fall through” on a match the way the C language case (in a switch statement) does. Good practice is never to omit the default of a case statement; we’ll return to this issue, and the case statement, later in the course.

2 Combinational and Sequential Logic • The conditional expression operator, control expr ? True expr : False expr. This is used like a C function call returned value – in an expression. It is an expression, not a statement. The expression always is interpreted by the current synthesizer as combinational logic. If the control expression evaluates to true (non-0), the True expr expression is its value; otherwise, it evaluates to the False expr. Example: wire[31:0] X; integer A, B; ... // Put the greater of A or B into X; A if they are equal: assign #2 X = (A>=B)?

1 Variables and Constants As previously mentioned, variables are of two different kinds, reg and net. However, the situation is more complicated. A reg, an unsigned type, is about the same as the corresponding signed types, integer and real. Any of these either of reg-like types can be assigned a value procedurally and retains the value assigned until the value is changed by a subsequent assignment. Both integers and reals are 32 bits wide; a reg may be any width, from one bit up to the limit the tool in use can accept.

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