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During this quantity, experimentalists and theoreticians talk about which experiments and calculations are had to make major development within the box and in addition how experiments and theoretical descriptions could be in comparison. the themes taken care of are the electromagnetic construction of Goldstone bosons, pion--pion and pion--nucleon interactions, hadron polarizability and shape components.

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1 8 , ( 8 ) , pp. , S 0 R 0 K I N , A . F . , "Method of m e a s u r i n g local plasma pa­ r a m e t e r s with the aid of a beam of fast a t o m s " OEPT L e t t . 18 ( 8 ) , pp. , PETROV, M . P . , "Recombination in a quasi [61 Conference Plasmas, Knoxville, Tenn. , "A review of e n e r g e t i c Proc. I s [51 APS Topical stationary thermonuclear of hydrogen p l a s m a " , JEPT L e t t . , 25 ( 3 ) , pp. , "A proposal tion and the neutral 11 ( 1 ) , pp. 1 4 4 - 1 4 7 for m e a s u r i n g density profile (1977) the local in Toroidal ion d i s t r i b u t i o n func­ p l a s m a s " , N u c l e a r Fusion DIAGNOSTICS FOR MIRROR MACHINES* John £.

C. c. mirror confinement systems. First, a brief physics orientation: Because the magnetic moment y = W ± /B of a charged particle orbiting in a magnetic field is conserved, a particle with total energy W and a magnetic moment y is reflected (or mirrored) when it encounters a higher magnetic field B such that W = yB . Particles with W > yB m , however, would either continue to penetrate to even higher fields or, if the B represented the peak mirror barrier, would be lost. , between two mirror barriers).

Another recent very promising approach proposed by Fowler and Logan [7] at LLL and independently by Dimov [8] at Novosibirsk is the tandem mir­ ror concept in which end cells (plugs) electrostatically confine low-energy ions in a cen­ tral cell, the result being to increase ητ and make Q ~ 5 feasible. Thus, the 2X1 IB experiment has recently been shut down (except for \/ery limited tests), to make way for the TMX planned for startup in late fall of 1978 at LLL. TMX utilizes a pair of yin-yang confinement coil sets as end plugs for a long connecting central cell.

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