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Visible pondering - visible mind's eye or conception of diagrams and image arrays, and psychological operations on them - is omnipresent in arithmetic. is that this visible pondering simply a mental reduction, facilitating grab of what's accrued through different skill? Or does it even have epistemological services, as a way of discovery, knowing, or even facts?

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15. A. Du A. au B. De la B. A la C. La C. De E. De D. A The correct answer is B: “De la”, which is a partitive article. We are not talking about eating all of the bouillabaisse in the world (in which case we would use C, the definite article “La”), but some of it, which the partitive expresses. A is not right, even though it is a partitive, because it is masculine. D is not correct: “De” is not an article of any kind, except a partitive in the negative (for instance: Il mange de la bouillabaisse, il ne mange pas de bouillabaisse).

FRENCH SAMPLE TEST 27 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE 18. 19. C'est la robe la plus chère ___ boutique. Select the correct response. A. de la Mes parents ont conduit ____voiture en vacances. B. Dans A. Ses C. En la B. Son D. Du C. Leur Here, A is right. “La plus chère” is a superlative, which in French entails the use of the preposition “De”. B is wrong, since it does not have the preposition “De”. This is also the case with C, which is wrong in itself anyway: “En la” is never used. D could be right if “Boutique” were masculine (it does use the preposition “De”: la plus chere “de le” boutique, Du), but the gender is wrong.

La langue d'oïl C. La banque C. La langue romaine D. Le restaurant A is the right answer: a “colis” is a package that you send by mail. D. La romanche B is right: in the Middle Ages, “la langue d’oïl” was the vernacular in the Northern part of France, where Paris –the capital- is situated. It is this language which became the language of all of France. FRENCH SAMPLE TEST 39 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE 48. 49. Which means of travel would you be using by reading the following? Where would you be visiting if you heard this explanation?

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