New PDF release: Defense Planning in a Decade of Change: Lessons from the

By Eric Larson, David Orletsky, Kristin Leuschner

ISBN-10: 0833030248

ISBN-13: 9780833030245

All of the 3 protection experiences of the decade fell in need of absolutely apprehending the calls for of the rising chance atmosphere, and the budgets that might be wanted and afforded, leading to a becoming imbalance among process, forces, and assets over the last decade.

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Although the force structure details were to be worked out through arms reduction agreements, strategic forces were to continue underwriting nuclear deterrence through reliance on a smaller triad of land-based, sea-based, and air-breathing strategic nuclear offensive forces and strategic defenses. 1. S. 30 ______________ 27 The 1992 JMNA was to put the Base Force through a slightly different set of scenario-based assessments. 28Although it was not designed on this basis, the Base Force would, however, be assessed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in terms of its ability to fight one or more MRCs.

S. ”24 The Air Force sought to adapt itself to better support the new regional strategy, which was predicated on assumptions that played to Air Force strengths: a reduction in forward-deployed forces and heavier reliance on rapid power projection and long-range strike operations from the United States. S. S. , 1992, pp. 2–4. S. Air Force, Toward the Future: Global Reach–Global Power, p. i. S. General Accounting Office, Force Structure: Issues Involving the Base Force, p. 29. Nevertheless, the Base Force was also predicated in part on the assumption implied in the Army’s review of its warfighting doctrine, “Airland Battle,” that future wars would involve significant clashes of armor against armor.

Congressional Quarterly Press, 1991, pp. 111–166. The Base Force: From Global Containment to Regional Forward Presence 9 largest cut. 2 billion. Strategy Under the Base Force Strategic Precepts. 6 The aim of the Base Force was to develop a new military strategy and force structure for the post–Cold War era while setting a floor for force reductions, in large part to hedge against the risks of a resurgent Soviet/Russian threat. S. S. 8 The overall nature of the reductions and the shape of the resulting force would be constrained by Powell’s desire to avoid “breaking” the force and to secure the backing of the service chiefs.

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