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It is easy to layout, construct, and publish an online web page with Google web page author or CoffeeCup HTML Editor, yet a pleasant consultant nonetheless turns out to be useful. developing web content For Dummies, ninth variation introduces you to website design software program and on-line page-building instruments, and walks you thru the method in checklist time. Like its past versions, this e-book provides the thin on getting websites up and working with the smallest amount of difficulty. yet not only ho-hum web content!

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Use “text bites” As mentioned earlier in this chapter, when preparing a Web site, less is more. Saying something with less text makes users more likely to read and remember it. A text bite is like a sound bite — it’s a short, clearly written piece of text that makes a single point. Text bites are especially important on the Web because reading from a computer screen is physically less comfortable than reading from a printed page. People tend to end their Web sessions after too much reading. You need to shoehorn your messages into the limited amount of reading time people will devote to your Web site.

The best way to get a quick reality check is to look at some competitors’ Web sites and make sure that your initial site looks roughly as good as theirs. And remember: Often the most embarrassing thing is having no site at all. Entertainment sites Entertainment is one of the top few reasons why people use the Web, and the number of entertainment sites continues to grow. Humorous pages and shared games on online services are now a major presence on the Web. People have high expectations of entertainment sites — which can make them some of the most demanding to create.

Do you want to create a cuttingedge site full of bell-and-whistle features like fancy graphics and animation — and if so, are you willing to invest the time and money to make this site happen? Talk to people who do advertising and marketing in the real world, as well as to people who work on the Web; get a sense of what goals they set and how they measure success in meeting their goals. indd 30 10/1/08 7:33:22 PM Chapter 2 Designing Your Online Look In This Chapter ᮣ Getting the look ᮣ Minding the principles of good design ᮣ Circumventing design no-nos ᮣ Working with tables, frames, and layout T here are two approaches to a new project — jump in and get your hands dirty, or plan what you’re doing first.

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