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In the situation of disparate discursive identities making divergent demands in relation to action in a common terrain, social antagonism occurs (ibid). How then can one social or collective identity take priority over another; and how do individual identities and social identities coalesce in a collective (movement) identity? For a theoretical understanding of this process, we now turn to the discursive practice component of my framework. Cultural Construction: Discourse as Practice As practice, discourse is communication, social interaction in which actors use language, primarily spoken and written, to transmit and receive information, argue and debate about issues, attempt to persuade each other to a course of action, or to achieve any number of other objectives.

While a person’s experience is unique, that experience is understood through conventional symbolic structures made available through social interaction, beginning with early socialization. In addition, personal attributes that contribute to selfesteem (high or low) are understood through culturally given status. Individuals learn through social interaction which personal attributes and social status are valued (or disdained) by society. ), the worth of personal attributes are specified by socially constructed values and norms.

Once this textual analysis was complete, I integrated it diachronically into the historical narrative of the Land War alongside the appropriate structural conditions and contingent events. In this way, I charted the ongoing discursive struggle through time, over space, and in conjunction with structural conditions and unfolding events. Unfolding the Irish Land War As discussed at the beginning of this chapter, the Irish Land War was predicated on antecedent socioeconomic, political, and culture structures, events, 28 Constructing Irish National Identit y and conditions in earlier nineteenth-century Ireland.

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