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By Michael Kupferschmid

ISBN-10: 0824708024

ISBN-13: 9780824708023

University textual content, self-study consultant, and reference approximately programming pcs to do calculating utilizing FORTRAN, the unique and nonetheless such a lot widely-recognized language for engineering and medical functions.

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Is sometimes used as a horizontal ellipsis to show the omission of characters. Code segments are often printed side-by-side; it will be clear from the context whether they are alternatives to be compared, or different parts of a single program. 11) or line numbers (in §18), and in those places lines of code are referred to in the text by giving their numbers in boxes. Thus [To] refers to the line numbered 10 in a listing (it will be clear in context that this is not to be confused with statement number 10, if there happens to be one of those too).

The second part of this statement is often true but, at least in computer programming, the first part unfortunately is not. Beginning programmers in fact hardly ever get what it was they asked for, even when they know quite clearly what that was, because they don't yet know how to ask. One way to be sure of not getting the program you want is to base your design on abstract concepts that are introduced before they can be fairly illustrated. It would save a lot of bother if we could be born old and experienced and then youthen, like Merlin, so as to benefit from mature wisdom throughout our lives.

3 Organization This is a big book, but you don't have to read it all at once; the diagram on the next page shows one convenient division into parts. Many FORTRAN programmers eke out their code knowing only the material covered in §l-§6, and that's just a little over one hundred pages. If you're willing to read another one hundred pages or so, §7-§10, you can learn all of the remaining language elements you will probably ever need in programming numerical calculations for engineering and scientific applications.

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