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By Gary T. Whiteford

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Describes the background, geography, executive, economic system, humans and tradition of China.

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Download e-book for kindle: China (Modern World Nations) by Gary T. Whiteford

Describes the background, geography, executive, economic climate, humans and tradition of China.

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In 1966, Mao and his followers launched the Cultural Revolution with the avowed goal of establishing ideological purity for the Chinese people. An intense power struggle marked this period as Mao sought to purge his political rivals, real or imagined. Millions of people came under political persecution, and industrial and agricultural production suffered major decline. The “10 disastrous years” of the Cultural Revolution ended only with Mao’s death and the purge of the radicals in late 1976. Even before the Cultural Revolution came to an end, however, China made a major shift in foreign policy.

Locusts are perhaps China’s most destructive species. For centuries, more than 60 types of locusts have caused major agricultural damage. The East Asian flying locust is a particular menace. The North China Plain has been hardest hit over the centuries, as locust invasions have been linked to droughts, floods, and famines. Coastal Features The Chinese coastline—more than 9,000 miles (14,500 km)— has made the country both a continental and a maritime nation. Off China’s coast are some 5,000 rocky islands, the largest being Hainan and Taiwan.

One of its aims was to promote an ethical society, placing emphasis on the dignity of the human being. Buddhism, a foreign religion from India, stresses the idea of becoming an enlightened being, or bodhisattva, by breaking the cycle of desire, suffering, and rebirth. Buddhist ideas have had a strong influence on Chinese culture, including art, archi- People and Culture tecture, poetry, and fiction. Followers of Buddhism in China have faced hardships. During the 1950s and the Cultural Revolution period of 1966–1976, thousands of Buddhist monasteries were closed.

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