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In seinem 1991 erstmals erschienenen Werk weist der Philosophie- und Sozialhistoriker Panajotis Kondylis nach, dass die sozialen und geistigen Wandlungen seit dem letzten Viertel des 19. Jahrhunderts bis heute eine strukturelle Einheit bilden. Die sich im Laufe von rund a hundred and fifty Jahren vollziehenden gesellschaftlichen Prozesse resultieren in einem Paradigmenwechsel: Statt der bürgerlich-liberalen Denk- und Lebensform bestimmt die egalitär-massendemokratische Konsumhaltung mit ihren Wohlstandsversprechungen die Welt des 20.

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Most norms allow for some variations within a permissible range, but truly deviant behavior, such as that caused by mental disorder, typically exceeds the range of permissible behavior. Deviant behavior can therefore, be regarded as behavior which (1) differs, (2) breaks rules or violates norms, and (3) is exceedingly offensive (Cockerham 1996:93). See also Norms. DIAGNOSTIC-RELATED GROUPS (DRGS) The Social Security Administration's prospective payment system for reimbursement of Medicare services, wherein hospitals are reimbursed "for costs of care provided to Medicare patients at a flat illness-specific rate that is established in advance" (Smith and Fottler 1985:1).

The development of community psychiatry began in the 1950s with the movement away from treating mentally ill persons in isolated institutional settings. See also Deinstitutionalization. COMPLIANCE See Adherence (to medical regimen). CONFLICT THEORY A theoretical perspective in sociology that maintains that all social systems contain inequality, which causes conflict and in turn generates social change. Conflict theory claims that a true consensus about social norms and values does not exist; rather, a society's norms and values are those of the dominant group and are imposed by them on the less 20 CONFLICT THEORY privileged in order to maintain their advantage.

See also Curanderismo. This page intentionally left blank D DEATH RATE See Mortality rate. DEATH ROLE The pattern of role obligations, responsibilities, and privileges perceived as appropriate for someone who is identified as terminally ill. When performing the sick role, a patient is expected to desire to get well and is afforded the privilege of commanding dependence on physicians (Parsons 1951). In contrast, a terminally ill patient is expected to restrict demands on physicians, keep complaints to a minimum, accept palliative treatments in place of curative ones, and rely more heavily on personal and family resources to deal with the emotional issues surrounding an oftentimes protracted dying process.

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