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By Peter J Boettke

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This selection of essays from one of many significant Austrian economists operating on the earth this day brings jointly in a single position a few of his key writings on numerous fiscal matters.

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9 It was not the empirical testability of propositions that guarded against the unwarranted intrusion of values, but the givenness of ends. It was the radical subjectivism of the Austrians that provided the check against the intrusion of unwarranted value judgments into scientific analysis. Nevertheless, developments in the philosophy of science literature have led some contemporary Austrians to challenge the traditional Austrian notion of “objective” knowledge. Don Lavoie is the one main researcher to challenge the very notion of valuefreedom as a viable principle of scientific research within Austrian economics.

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Mises’ point, while not denying the importance of incentives in executing business plans, was that the necessary informational inputs into that decision process are made available to decisionmakers only through the market process. The argument went as follows: 1 2 3 Without private property in the means of production, there will be no market for the means of production. Without a market for a means of production, there will be no monetary prices established for the means of production. Without monetary prices, reflecting the relative scarcity of capital goods, economic decision-makers will be unable to rationally calculate the alternative use of capital goods.

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Calculation and Coordination: Essays on Socialism and Transitional Political Economy (Foundations Fo the Market Economy) by Peter J Boettke

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