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By Adelheid Beyreder

ISBN-10: 3774212953

ISBN-13: 9783774212954

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Im Bereich der Gesellschaftsanalyse hat die neuere Systemtheorie wichtige Auseinandersetzungen ausgelöst. Die Frage, welche Beiträge die Systemtheorie für die examine von Sozialisation und Subjektbildung liefert, führt dagegen in ein noch kaum beschrittenes Neuland. Der Band geht dieser Frage nach und versucht dabei, bewährte strukturgenetische Sozialisationstheorien in Kontakt zu systemtheoretischen Sichtweisen zu bringen.

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Note 157 below. Another approach was taken by J. COURTNEY JAMES (The Language of Palestine and Adjacent Regions, Edinburgh: 1920, 70-1), who held that Semitic influence may be seen in all Greek: "Some dialect of the Semitic family was spoken in nearly all the eastern regions subdued by Greeks and Romans. The influence of the Jewish colonies in the chief centres of commerce was strong and tenacious ... The Greek language in taking possession of these centres lost something of its own purity, and took on something of Semitic coloring.

C. TORREY, Documents of the Primitive Church, New York: 1941, 160: "The grammatical monstrosities, recognized in their true nature, testify to the execution of adefinite purpose carried through with remarkable consistency. When they are examined, they are found to show grammatical appreciation rather than the lack of it. " 149 BURNEY, Aramaic Origin, 49-100. See also pages 101-13 for his treatment of conjectured mistranslations. " 151 C. F. BURNEY, The Poetry of Our Lord: An Examination of the Formal Elements of Hebrew Poetry in the Discourses of Jesus Christ, Oxford: 1925, 9: "The Aramaic ren- 137 918 JAMES W.

BURNEY (The Aramaic Origin of the Fourth Gospel, Oxford: 1922, 5) argued against DEISSMANN on the basis of one of DEISSMANN'S own citations, a letter from two pig merchants to the Strategus in which they lament attacks by brigands. In this letter, "the term used ... a~ embodies the ordinary Hebrew word for 'tower',. " BURNEY, Aramaic Origin, 6. See ,also SWETE (Apocalypse, cxxv, note 1): "It is precarious to compare a literary document with a collection of personal and business letters, accounts, and other ephemeral writings; slips in word-formation or in syntax which are to be expected in the letter, are phenomenal in the former .

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