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Long had he been scorned, so that the children of the Geats held him unworthy, nor would the lord of the battle-hosts pay him much regard on the mead-bench. They thought surely he was slack, a laggard atheling. There came a change for him, well thriven in honors, from every despite. Then the shield of earls, the king stout in battle, bade fetch in HrethelÕs sword, mounted in gold; there was not then among the Geats a better treasure in the like of a sword. He laid it on BeowulfÕs lap, and gave him seven thousand pieces, a hall, and a princeÕs high-seat.

Beowulf came thence33 by his own might; he made use of his swimming. He had, he alone, thirty suits of armor when he went to the sea. In no wise needed the Hetwaras, who had borne out their shields against him, be boastful of their warcraft, for few came away afterward from the mighty hero to seek their homes. The son of Ecgtheow, hapless and lonely, swam back, at that time, over the stretches of the sea to his people again. There Hygd proffered him the treasure and the kingdom, the rings, and the kingÕs seat; she trusted not her son that he would know how to hold his ancestral seats against stranger folk, seeing Hygelac was dead.

Even thus lived the peopleÕs king in due regard of right; in no wise did I lose my just due, the meed of my might, for he gave me treasures, did the son of Healfdene, even such as I myself might wish. These I desire to bring and to tender them thee with joy, O king of men. Ó He bade them bring in the head-crest in shape of a boar, the helmet high uplifted in battle, the gray burnie, the war-sword wondrously wrought, and his tale framed after: ÒTo me the wise prince Hrothgar gave this battle-gear, laid on me this one behest that first of all I should tell thee his friendship.

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