Beginning Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget Development - download pdf or read online

. If you glance down the rest of the file, you’ll see comments marking other sections. The file also begins and ends with HTML tags and it contains head and body sections.

If you show the package contents of an application, you’ll see that it is organized a little differently than a widget. All of its files are inside of a Contents folder instead of being at the root level of the application folder. When you look inside of the Contents folder, you’ll see that applications have some items in common with widgets. plist files. If you double-click the Fortune widget at this point, the Widget Installer installs it in your widgets directory and you are able to see it and add it to Dashboard.

The onclick command in the body of the file takes you to the next fortune whenever you click anywhere within the widget. png is linked to the widget through an tag. html file, it is used as the interface for the widget. ” is inserted inside the div tags. css file to see the style sheet for the widget. css controls the look and placement of text in your widget. For the Fortune widget, the Cascading Style Sheet places the text in a very specific location. If you’re familiar with Cascading Style Sheets, you’ll see all of the familiar elements in the file.

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Beginning Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget Development by Fred Terry

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