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By P. B. Bhattacharya

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This publication gets you there in case you think in it. It has examples with suggestions and issues of ideas. the one subject that doesn't have issues of options is different types. For this, i've got the Hungerford textual content, and i'm shortly within the technique of discovering a greater e-book for this. differently it's the ideal booklet for self-study.

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By (i), m # I. Then for all positive integers x < m, x E S. But then by (ii), m E S, a contradiction. Therefore T = 0. 3 Theorem (fundamental theorem of arithmetic). Every positive integer is either I or it can be written in one and only one way as a product of positive primes. Proof The theorem is true ifn = Else, let n=n,n2, where 1. So let n> I. If n is prime, we are done. I, so n1, n2

For any set S. the power set Here A vB=AuB and A A ordered by set inclusion, is a lattice. for all A, Definition. Let E be an equivalence relation on a set X. and let a E I. The set of all elements in X that are in relation E to a is called the equivalence class of a under E and is denoted by E(a). Thai is, E(a)=(xEXIxEa). A subset C of X is called an equivalence class of E (or an E-class) in X if C = E(a) for some a in X. The set of all equivalence classes of E in X is called the quotient set of X by E and is writien X/E.

G. B —. C, and I:: C D. Then h(gf) = (hg)f Proof Clearly, h(gf) and (hg)f have the same domain A and the same codomain D. Let x E A. Then, by definition of the composite, h(gfXx) = h(gf(x)) = and (hg)f(x) = hg(f(x)) = h(g(f(x))). Hence, h( gf Xx) = (gf)f(x) for every x in A; therefore, h(gf) = (hg)f Definition. A mappingf A (a) B is injective (or one-to-one or I - I) ,ifor all x1 ,x2 E A. x1 (b) 0 x2 #f(x2) or. equivalent/v. f(x1) =f(x2) x1 = x2; surjective (or onto) '1 for every y E B, y =f(x) for some x E A.

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