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By Paolo Giudici, Federico Lemmetti, Stefano Mazza

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This ebook bargains a transparent description of all of the balsamic vinegars and/or comparable items produced on the planet, their transformations in composition, caliber and use. This encompasses the entire steps for the construction of conventional Balsamic Vinegar: grape composition, crushing, focus of the needs to, alcoholic and acetic fermentation, growing older, sensorial houses and caliber of the ultimate product. This publication covers largely all of the balsamic vinegars, specially the commercial ones that experience a very huge industry and diffusion.

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The annals report that in 1859 King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy and the Prime Minister Camillo Benso di Cavour visited the Duke’s acetaie (vinegar attics) in Modena, because by the end of the nineteenth century it was already acknowledged that the vinegar manufactured in this city was of special quality, based on knowledge handed down from ancient times and worthy of preservation as a cultural treasure. 7 A New Balsamic Era (1860–Today) In the time of the Duke his cellars produced vinegar, or more likely a range of vinegars, that differed significantly from the balsamic vinegars we are familiar with today.

This treatise dedicates an entire chapter to vinegar, describing many different methods for making it, and is very interesting because it demonstrates how vinegar making varied in different parts of Europe, using different approaches to achieve good products with the desired features, the most important of which was acidity (Fig. 4). His exhaustive review of the various methods of production includes a paragraph dedicated to the vinegar of Modena (alla modenese in the text), with its very unusual form of preparation (Fig.

A panel of trained tasters assesses the sensory characteristics of each batch of TBV. See Chap. 7 for further details. 4 shows the sensory properties. 4 Balsamic Condiments Balsamic Condiments (BC) are the most heterogeneous group within the balsamic family. They include condiments that cannot be defined as vinegars, as noted above in Sect. 1. The motivations for creating condiments are diverse. g. lower acidity, different colours, flavours, higher viscosity, etc. 4 Sensory properties of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Reggio Emilia, according to Regulation CE 813/2000 Parameter TBV Modena TBV Reggio Emilia Colour Consistency/ density Aroma Bright dark brown Like a runny syrup Dark brown, clear, gleaming Obviously runny and syrupy Characteristic, fragrant, and, altogether, well-formed, penetrating, and persistent bouquet with a noticeable but pleasant and harmonious acidity Flavour Characteristic of balsamic vinegar, in line with an unchanging centuries-old tradition; sweet and sour and well balanced, with appreciable acidity and a hint of aroma imparted by the wood used for the vats; strong, clear, full, velvety, intense, and persistent, in keeping with its characteristic bouquet Penetrating and persistent, fragrant, with pleasing acidity or characteristic bouquet depending on the wood used oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper, mulberry, ash, and acacia - and long maturation periods Well-combined sweetness and sourness, distinct acidity, and aromatic in compliance with its olfactory properties quality products at a reduced price, for example, by avoiding the maturing period.

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