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By Arthur Hyman, Averroes

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Half of:
- Corpus philosophorum medii aevi
- Averrois Hebraicus

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From celestial form and matter Averroes turned to celestial accidents, noting similarities and differences between them and the analogous terrestrial accidents. In the De Substantia Orbis he examined those of luminosity and opaqueness, the property of calefaction, and the four qualities of hot, cold, moist, and dry. All accidents, Averroes noted, may be divided into active and passive. Passive accidents are those which require that, when they are changed, their underlying substance must be changed as well, while active accidents are those which, when changed, do not require a change in their underlying substance.

The former alternative is absurd because it implies that something can come to be from nothing, the latter because a substantial form determines a thing uniquely. Thus, it follows that something cannot have more than one substantial form in actuality. 28 Therefore, the nature of that subject that receives the substantial forms, that is to say, the subject called prime matter,29 is the nature of the potential, that is to say, being potential is the essential differentia30 of prime matter [as a 26 Narboni comments (167v, I): uira wxira DVU?

A. Poppi (Padua, 1966). The text appearing in this edition is identical with text 1, so that there was no need to record it in the critical apparatus. Commentaria in sermonetn Averrois de substantia orbis (Venetiis, 1580). This commentary is found in the Juntine editions of 1550-1552, 1573-1576 and other sixteenth-century editions. Its title, Solutiones contradictionum in dictis Averrois. describes its purpose. Introduction Burley (d. after 1343),81 Ferrandus de Hispania (fourteenth century),82 Henricus Totting de Oyta (d.

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