Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds (Essential Chemistry) by Phillip Manning PDF

By Phillip Manning

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"Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds" is going behind the curtain of day by day chemistry to discover the atoms that govern chemical techniques. In transparent language, this fascinating booklet exhibits how the interactions among basic ingredients corresponding to salt and water are an important to lifestyles in the world and the way these interactions are predestined through the atoms that make up the molecules. moreover, the tales of the scientists whose discoveries formed the trendy international, resembling Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein, are provided right here in gripping element. Brimming with full-color images and illustrations and improved by means of sidebars and a word list, "Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds" permits readers to discover the very good discoveries highlighted during this publication.

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Quantum numbers can be considered to be approximately equivalent to physical features in the atom proposed by Bohr. The principal quantum number corresponds to one of Bohr’s circular energy shells. It is related to the average distance of the electrons from the nucleus. Electrons with larger n values are more energetic and farther from the nucleus. The second quantum number is called the angular momentum quantum number. 3 Allowable Orbitals in the Principal Energy Shells (n) of an Atom n Orbital Integer (ℓ) Orbital Letter Orbital Name 1 0 s 1s 2 0 s 2s 1 p 2p 0 s 3s 1 p 3p 2 d 3d 0 s 4s 1 p 4p 2 d 4d 3 f 4f 3 4 shell.

4 The Electrons W hen the energy in the nucleus of an atom is released, the results are spectacular. Atomic bombs and reactors that power entire cities grab everyone’s attention. But most of the everyday world is governed by an atom’s electrons, the swirling cloud of negatively charged matter that can act as particles or waves. The properties of most substances—from steel to stones, from light bulbs to tulip bulbs—are largely determined by the number and energy of the electrons in the atoms making up the object.

Scientists know now that the periodicity of the elements is due largely to recurring patterns in their electron configurations. The periodic table orders the elements in columns, rows, and blocks. The elements in a column are called a group. Group 1 elements are in the column on the far left of the periodic table. Group 2 elements are in the next column. The progression continues to Group 18 on the far right. The elements in a column have very similar properties.

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